Aquarium & Zoo

For Worlds Underwater, Balance Starts Behind the Scenes.

Aqua Logic is the Preeminent Manufacturer of Premium Aquatic Life Support Systems.

In 1853, the first public aquarium was opened in England, but because of inadequate life support systems, the animals unfortunately did not survive. Soon thereafter, aquarists learned the importance of filtration and water chemistry.

Today, this industry fully understands the critical importance of precision and performance from these life support systems, and the advances in this science have not only allowed animals to survive in captivity, but thrive. Zoos and Aquariums now face a multitude of responsibilities that far exceed basic animal husbandry and public education. Many of these facilities actively engage in captive breeding and reintroduction programs, field conservation, habitat preservation, research, and fundraising in their efforts to preserve threatened and endangered species.

When We Build A Life Support System for Our Clients…We Become A Support System for Life.

For more than two decades, Aqua Logic has been a leader in supplying life support systems (LSS) and specialty heating, chilling, and filtration equipment to aquariums, zoos and research institutions. Every system and piece of equipment is manufactured and wet tested in our San Diego facility, using only the highest quality, animal safe materials.

Behind the Glass and Beneath the Surface, We’re There…For You.

Our Engineers are here to help you design and customize the right system for your needs, or find the solution to an ongoing challenge. Our talented team of experts and extensive manufacturing capabilities, promise to deliver beyond your expectations and allow you to create the best possible environments within your facility.