Bait & Pet Shops

Practice Makes Perfect… But Wouldn’t You Rather Get It Right The First Time?

Let Aqua Logic take the work out of keeping live fish for resale. Whether you are a bait shop, pet shop, aquarium store, or ornamental fish wholesaler, we have the equipment and systems to simplify and streamline your business. Our range of reliable, corrosion resistant equipment will ensure years of dependable service with simple operation and minimal maintenance. Check out what we have to offer, from complete bait tank systems with filtration, to chillers, heat pumps, and heat exchangers, to holding tanks, and UV sterilizers. Our custom tanks, racks, and systems can be configured for any operation, and be sure to ask us about custom chilling and heating units like the ones we make specifically for big name nationwide retailers. We’ve got you covered so that you can focus on your business.