Learn How A Heat Exchanger Works

WATCH THE VIDEO! Heat Exchangers are used to transfer heat from one fluid to another without ever bringing the fluids in direct contact with one another. Measured in BTUh (British Thermal Units per hour), the first fluid is the supply which can be either hot or cold water, or a refrigerant, and the second fluid is the water that we want to heat or cool, such as our aquarium or tank water.


In a tube-in-shell heat exchanger (HEX) the supply fluid flows through a helical titanium coil enclosed within an insulated PVC barrel, and the second fluid flows over the titanium coil, inside the barrel and absorbs or rejects heat, depending on the intended purpose.

A tube sheet HEX works the same way but instead of a helical coil, the supply fluid runs through a bundle of straight titanium tubes, and water flows over and between these, which means a whole bunch of surface area for heating or cooling.

The two fluids can flow in the same direction, the opposite directions, or even at a right angle to one another.

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