Time to Chill. In less time than ever.

When it comes to water chillers, one size does not fit all. Aqua Logic manufactures chillers specifically designed for a wide variety of applications, so that they always meet your expectations. Installed in major public aquariums, the largest marine research labs in the world, and industries where corrosive fluids need to be cooled, Aqua Logic’s oversized helical titanium coil maximizes Btu transfer efficiency to deliver the consistent cold temperature you require.

When there’s zero room for error…we’re 100% committed.

We understand the critical role your equipment plays in your research or keeping marine life alive, which is why we’ve set the standard for the water chiller industry. From the environmentally stable insulation on the evaporator, to shut down safety flow switches and current/phase monitoring electronics, we’ve got you covered so that you can focus on your operation.

100% Titanium. 100% Satisfaction.

We use the most stable materials so you get the most accurate results.  Aqua Logic Chillers are built strong to last long.


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