Heat Exchangers

Titanium Strong to Last Long

Aqua Logic is the leader in Heat Exchanger design and performance, with more than 25 years manufacturing the finest quality, high-grade titanium units. With the widest range of heat exchangers available, and limitless capabilities to build custom sizes and styles, there is no heat transfer requirement we can’t meet. Our customers look no further for dependable performance that is easy to install and maintain, is food, plant, and animal safe, and built to last.

Our commitment to continual product design and development means that we grow with our customer markets to provide solutions as new challenges arise, and because we manufacture everything right here in our San Diego facility we can modify any of our existing designs to fit your space and need.

Available with helical coils, tube sheets, and flat plates, our superior titanium construction makes Aqua Logic Heat Exchangers non-corrosive and safe for use in both fresh and saltwater. They can easily be connected to an existing hot or cold water loop, or run with refrigerant.

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