Heat Pumps

Face Big Challenges With Smart Design

Aqua Logic’s Heat Pumps offer the same reliability as our chillers but with the added ability to heat your water as well.

One unit handles both the heating and cooling functions automatically in both freshwater and saltwater applications. A properly sized and installed heat pump will provide stable, thermostatically controlled water temperature in the range of 40º-85ºF.

How it Works:

In cooling mode, the heat pump works as a chiller, using the liquid refrigerant to cool your tank water. In heating mode, the heat pump works with the liquid refrigerant (Freon) flow in reverse. Freon absorbs heat from the air as it moves through the condenser. As it heats, the Freon becomes a gas, which is then compressed by the compressor. The heat carried by the Freon gas is then released into the titanium heat exchanger and transferred to the circulated water.

*Above example based on air-cooled unit with refrigerant. Water cooled models also available.

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