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Aqua Logic knows the critical importance water quality and health have on your aquatic ecosystem and its’ inhabitants, and we offer multiple options for both UV Sterilization and Ozone Disinfection so that you can choose the best fit for your needs and budget.

Ultra Violet (UV) Sterilization is a simple, effective, and efficient means of disinfecting a body of water when sized and applied properly. Short‐wave ultraviolet light (253.7 nanometers) kills waterborne microorganisms with ease, provided they are exposed to the radiation for a sufficient length of time. The UV light breaks the DNA chain, thus preventing the microorganism from reproducing.

Aqua Logic has been manufacturing their own UV Sterilizers since 1989 and offer a variety of designs to meet a broad range of user needs. No matter what your application, Aqua Logic’s UV Sterilizers are the smart choice.

Ozone Disinfection is a natural method of removing harmful microorganisms and organic wastes. Ozone (O3 ) has a third oxygen atom that makes the molecule so unstable it produces oxidizing power. Generated as needed, ozone can be measured and monitored to efficiently sanitize and clarify a body of water. Aqua Logic works with the leaders in Ozone generation and can incorporate an ozone unit into any of our systems. Read on to see what we can offer for Aquarium, Zoo, Aquaculture, and Hydroponics!