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Delta Star® Water-Cooled Chillers

Delta Star® Water-Cooled Chillers

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Features water cooled condenser for installations with an existing freshwater supply. Can be used in tight spaces with minimal ventilation.

A popular choice in the public aquarium and aquaculture industries, Aqua Logic’s Delta Star In-line Water Chillers feature water cooled condensers, making them ideal for installations with an existing freshwater supply. Instead of using air provided by a fan and motor, these chillers use water to cool the condenser. Their low heat emission, compact size, and quiet operation allow them to be used in tight spaces with minimal ventilation.

Not available for sale in online store. Please contact us for assistance with sizing and purchase.

1/4 Hp – 1-1/2 Hp

  • Maintains water temperatures in the range of 40° – 80°F
  • Oversized helical titanium coil in the heat exchanger maximizes BTU transfer efficiency.
  • TITANIUM is the only heat exchanger material proven to be 100% fish and coral safe in saltwater systems.
  • Quiet, internal, spring mounted hermetic motor/compressor provides years of reliable service.
  • Low profile and compact design allows for easy placement in tight places.


  • Living Exhibits
  • Research
  • Lobster and Seafood Holding tanks
  • Hydroponics
  • Home Aquariums
  • Cold plunge tubs
  • Animal hydrotherapy

System Requirements:

  • Sources of cooling water include; facility chilled water loop, municipal water supply, cooling tower, or well and spring water.
  • An external pump is required with Delta Star chillers to move water thru the heat exchanger. Pump not included.
  • Observe min/max flow rates critical to chiller operation in ‘Specifications’ table
    • Features
    • Sizing
    • Specifications
    • Product Literature
    • Product Inquiry
    • In-Line Tube In Shell Heat Exchanger
    • Titanium coil
    • Water Control Valve in Condenser
    • Digital Temperature Controller
    • Fresh or Saltwater Use
    • Compact Design
    • FIPT connections In/Out
    • Quiet Operation
    • Black ABS Cover
    • Remote Electronic Temperature Controller
    • Ozone Friendly Refrigerant (R-22)

    The following tables can be used to determine the appropriate Delta Star Chiller Model chiller for your application.

    Tables display the maximum water volume (Gallons) that can be maintained at a range of temperature differences below the ambient air temperature.

    Please note that the tables make the following assumptions, and that for more accurate sizing or complex systems you should contact Aqua Logic for assistance:

    • Calculations based on a closed recirculating system with chiller running full time.
    • Calculations based on a simple system with one pump, 3x per hour water turnover rate, and fluorescent lighting.
    • Please consult Aqua Logic for proper sizing if using multiple pumps, protein skimmers, high intensity lighting, or other such variables.

    Sizing Table 1- Uninsulated Tanks: Acrylic and Glass.
    Note: For Polypropylene/ethylene multiply gallons x 0.8= net gallons.

    Temperature "chill down" from ambient (oF) per tank volume (US Gallons)

    Sizing Table 2 - Insulated Tanks.

    Temperature "chill down" from ambient (oF) per tank volume (US Gallons)

    To ensure accurate sizing of your Delta Star chiller please provide us with details about your specific application via the ‘Request a Quote' tab.

    *Uses R-22 refrigerant. Water must be pumped through the chiller. Pump is not included.



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