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Optima Compact Plus: 6kW – 18kW

Optima Compact Plus: 6kW – 18kW

The Optima Compact Plus was made to last, and like all Elecro brand heaters, features their unique and proven coiled titanium heating element technology, whereby a turbulent vortex is created in the water flow. This delivers outstanding efficiency and extended life expectancy by preventing the build-up of mineral deposits* on the heating elements. An outstanding alternative to the many unreliable drop-in heaters out there that provide uneven heat, and have a tendency to fail, this little in-line heater is a beast.

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  • Easy installation; Water can flow in either direction
  • TITANIUM flow tube and coiled heating element
  • Heater can be vertically wall-mounted using the supplied bracket, or free-standing on the floor using the footed base
  • Digital temperature control, flow switch, and safety shut-off
  • Ultra-efficient long life heating element
  • Accurate within 1ºF
  • 100% operational efficiency throughout product life

System Requirements:

  • An external pump is required to move water through the heater
  • Indoor use only
  • *Pre-filtration and suitable water quality required to prevent buildup
  • Maintenance schedule will vary by application. Periodic cleaning is only required maintenance
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    • Stay-clean vortex inducing Titanium heating elements
    • Titanium flow tube; corrosion resistant even with seawater
    • External reversible flow; allows water flow from either direction
    • Inlet manifold has been designed to eliminate the risk of air locking.
    • High Limit Thermostat Internal Fail Safe, manual reset thermostat, for positive safety
    • Touch Screen Digital thermostat with 33ºF differential
    • 1½" female thread with supplied:1½" ABS unions for rigid pipe and 1½" x 1¼" hose barb fittings for flexible pipe
    • Status indicator panel
    • Dual cascade wired Schneider contactors
    • Minimal servicing required; Varies with use
    • Silent Operation
    • Robust and durable
    • 1 year limited warranty

    Please call us for assistance with sizing your Cygnet in-line heater. These miniature in-line heaters can handle heating water volumes from 500- 1,500 gallons but of course that depends on a number of factors, primarily your desired temperature differential (Delta t). It is also important to observe minimum and maximum required flow rates and choose a heater that works with your aquatic system.

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