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It is our goal to always provide the best aquatic equipment on the market and to continue finding innovative solutions to your most dynamic challenges.

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Our exhibits have depended upon Aqua Logic to build rugged, compact, efficient, and affordable equipment that facilitates the operation of an ever changing exhibit path’s suite of offerings. Being able to... •••
Steven L. Bailey, New England Aquarium

Aqua Logic’s ABS tanks have been designed for maximum adaptability and convertibility, as the removable divider system accommodates large, small, incompatible, schooling, and all other characteristics of the diverse species... •••
Barbara A. Bailey, New England Aquarium

We at Elecro Engineering have worked closely with Aqua Logic for the past 8 years, over which we have built a strong partnership and healthy supply chain. We are a... •••
Clive Flood, Elecro Engineering LTD.

Since I met [Aqua Logic Owner] Douglas in an International Conference in Recirculating Aquaculture we were planning how to work together [to bring their] heat pumps in Chile. Myself and... •••
German E. Merino, Acuiponia

We ordered the custom incubation system to rear our Arctic charr eggs in cold water.  Right from the start, we received excellent customer service from Aqua Logic.  Our order was... •••
Wendy Vandersteen, Miracle Springs Inc.

As director of an aquaculture research lab, temperature control is critical. Our facility supports the ornamental aquaculture industry in Florida which makes the challenge even greater, given the huge diversity... •••
Craig A. Watson, Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory

We needed a compact multiple aquarium system to culture fathead minnows for EPA testing required for the discharge at our wastewater treatment facilities. This required tight controls on temperature, lighting,... •••
Thomas M. Berry, Pima County Wastewater Reclamation

We’ve been using tanks and equipment from Aqua Logic for as long as I can remember, and their equipment has far exceeded expectations. In fact, we were so confident in the... •••
Neil Greenberg, M. Sc., Aquaculture Research Institute

I have utilized Aqua Logic as a supplier of custom designed and fabricated titanium chillers and heaters for large-scale aquarium use for almost two decades.  I have found their designs,... •••
Joe Choromanski, Ripleys Aquariums

I first started working with Doug and the folks at Aqua Logic back in 2003.  We had a situation where we inadvertently created an animal husbandry nightmare where the ambient... •••
Dennis Ethier, New York Aquarium

Living Color Aquariums has had a relationship Aqua Logic for well over 15yrs. We use products ranging from Heat Exchangers, and Large split systems, down to the smaller air cooled... •••
Benjamin Alia, Living Color Aquariums

The New England Aquarium has had a partnership with Aqua Logic since 1999. Building trust, and understanding each other’s needs and capabilities, has made the collaboration a rewarding and exciting adventure. The... •••
Steven L. Bailey, New England Aquarium

We have been using Aqua Logic chillers, heat pumps, and controllers for 20 years [and as of] 2015 we have 27 Aqua Logic systems in use. Their systems are high... •••
Ken Ahrens, Florida Aquarium

The team at Aqua Logic has been overwhelmingly supportive of the Aquarium Science Program and its students at Oregon Coast Community College over the years. Our unique program and its... •••
Chris Spaulding, Oregon Coast Community College

The Quincy Shipyard Animal Care Support Facility has had Aqua Logic as our go-to for heat exchangers, drop-in chillers, heaters, and ABS insulated tanks, since the facility’s inception in 2010. Numerous... •••
Barbara A. Bailey, New England Aquarium

Tenji, Inc. has installed hundreds of Aqua Logic units over the years, including chillers, heat exchangers, in-line heaters and UV sterilizers. Their equipment is fabricated with the highest quality and attention... •••
Mark Faulkner, Tenji

Working with Aqualogic, was a great experience. From the design to the installation they always offered great advice and technical support. Our aquarium system has a beautiful design, works great... •••
Jacqueline Padilla-Gamino, Cal State University Dominguez Hills

We have been working with Aqua Logic for many years, and first went to them when we needed an aquarium system for our research in French Polynesia.  Our needs focus... •••
Dr. Peter J. Edmunds, California State University

It was a pleasure working with the staff (Doug and Louis) from Aqua Logic to design and build our 12-tank behavior tank system.  I had an idea in my mind... •••
Ryan Couture, Oregon Hatchery Research Center

I purchased a set of research aquaria from Aqua Logic in Spring of 2014. The systems consisted of 6 replicate experimental tanks, each with individual sumps, protein skimmers, heaters, chillers,... •••
Dan Barshis, Old Dominion University

Aqua Logic has been a mainstay for the almost 20 years I have been in the public aquarium industry. Be it large or small sized chillers, inline heaters, controllers or... •••
Jeff Gibula, Newport Aquarium

I would like to take this opportunity to express my delight and gratitude for my purchase of a UV water sterilizer from Aqua Logic. I am a high school science... •••
Steve Porter, Warrenton Highschool

Aqua Logic designed and built a complete skid mounted Life Support System for our Sea Turtle Hospital Tanks. Given only a small footprint to work with, they were able to... •••
Gary Osborne, Florida Aquarium

We use many products provided by Aqua Logic and have always been impressed with the quality and performance of their equipment, as well as their customer service.
Bill Mebane, Marine Biological Laboratory

December of 2004 marked the date of our first Aqua Logic Bait System installation. Since that time, hundreds of systems have been purchased and put into use throughout the U.S.A.... •••
David Robinson, Robinson Wholesale Inc.

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    Heat Up In a Hurry

    Aqua Logic offers a variety of solutions for your heating requirements, from small electric in-line heaters, to large propane and natural gas heaters, and even direct immersion heaters. Primarily manufactured with our trademark Titanium components, we have a number of options also available in stainless steel for certain applications.

    Not sure what you need? As experts in aquatic temperature control, Aqua Logic’s team of technicians are here to assist you in determining which type of heater is the best fit for you, and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the consistent and reliable results.

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    Aqua Logic offers a variety of solutions for your heating requirements, from small electric in-line heaters, to large gas boilers, and even direct immersion heaters. Primarily manufactured with our trademark Titanium components, we have a number of options also available in stainless steel for certain applications.

    Not sure what you need? As experts in aquatic temperature control, Aqua Logic’s team of technicians are here to assist you in determining which type of heater is the best fit for you, and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the consistent and reliable results.

    [/accordion-item][accordion-item title='Heat Pumps']

    Heat Pumps

    Face Big Challenges With Smart Design

    Aqua Logic’s Heat Pumps offer the same reliability as our chillers but with the added ability to heat your water as well.

    One unit handles both the heating and cooling functions automatically in both freshwater and saltwater applications. A properly sized and installed heat pump will provide stable, thermostatically controlled water temperature in the range of 40º-85ºF.

    How it Works:

    In cooling mode, the heat pump works as a chiller, using the liquid refrigerant to cool your tank water. In heating mode, the heat pump works with the liquid refrigerant (Freon) flow in reverse. Freon absorbs heat from the air as it moves through the condenser. As it heats, the Freon becomes a gas, which is then compressed by the compressor. The heat carried by the Freon gas is then released into the titanium heat exchanger and transferred to the circulated water.

    *Above example based on air-cooled unit with refrigerant. Water cooled models also available.

    [/accordion-item][accordion-item title='Gas Heaters']

    Gas Heaters

    High Efficiency Heaters For Big Jobs

    For larger applications where an electric heater is not efficient, turn to our range of Gas Heaters.
    Aqua Logic offers Gas Heaters in both propane and natural gas for indoor or outdoor use. Package includes a Titanium Heat Exchanger so you don't have to worry about corrosion and toxic metallic elements leaching into your water.

    Not sure what you need? As experts in aquatic temperature control, Aqua Logic’s team of technicians are here to assist you in sizing the right Gas Boiler for your application. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the consistent and reliable results.

    Contact Us for assistance and a boiler Quote.

    [/accordion-item][accordion-item title='Hot Water Building Loop System']

    Hot Water Building Loop System

    Where several temperature zones are required, Aqua Logic’s Hot/Cold Building Loop Systems offer the installer a complete, water-to-water, ready to use, time tested combination chiller plant and in-line heat exchangers, using quality built components and our trademark TITANIUM coils; the only material proven to be 100% fish and coral safe in saltwater systems.





    For Worlds Underwater, Balance Starts Behinds the Scenes

    Aqua Logic offers a large selection of water filters and filtration media, as well as skid-mounted Turnkey Filtration Packages with basic or fully customized options. Proper selection of the water filters for your aquatic installation will ensure peak performance and optimal water quality for many years, and Aqua Logic is here to help you make the right choice.


    VIEW OUR Filtration PRODUCTS


    Functionality That Couldn't Be More Precise...For Environments That Couldn't Be More Fragile.

    Aqua Logic understands the critical role that water temperature plays in your aquatic application and we offer the widest range of chilling and heating equipment.
    Designed specifically for the unique markets we serve, we've been manufacturing the most reliable and accurate equipment, using only pure titanium coils and the highest quality components, for more than 25 years.

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    [accordion-item title='Chillers']


    Time to Chill. In less time than ever.

    When it comes to water chillers, one size does not fit all. Aqua Logic manufactures chillers specifically designed for a wide variety of applications, so that they always meet your expectations. Installed in major public aquariums, the largest marine research labs in the world, and industries where corrosive fluids need to be cooled, Aqua Logic’s oversized helical titanium coil maximizes Btu transfer efficiency to deliver the consistent cold temperature you require.

    When there’s zero room for error...we’re 100% committed.

    We understand the critical role your equipment plays in your research or keeping marine life alive, which is why we’ve set the standard for the water chiller industry. From the environmentally stable insulation on the evaporator, to shut down safety flow switches and current/phase monitoring electronics, we’ve got you covered so that you can focus on your operation.

    100% Titanium. 100% Satisfaction.

    We use the most stable materials so you get the most accurate results.  Aqua Logic Chillers are built strong to last long.


    [/accordion-item][accordion-item title='Heat Exchangers']

    Heat Exchangers

    Titanium Strong to Last Long

    Aqua Logic is the leader in Heat Exchanger design and performance, with more than 25 years manufacturing the finest quality, high-grade titanium units. With the widest range of heat exchangers available, and limitless capabilities to build custom sizes and styles, there is no heat transfer requirement we can’t meet. Our customers look no further for dependable performance that is easy to install and maintain, is food, plant, and animal safe, and built to last.

    Our commitment to continual product design and development means that we grow with our customer markets to provide solutions as new challenges arise, and because we manufacture everything right here in our San Diego facility we can modify any of our existing designs to fit your space and need.

    Available with helical coils, tube sheets, and flat plates, our superior titanium construction makes Aqua Logic Heat Exchangers non-corrosive and safe for use in both fresh and saltwater. They can easily be connected to an existing hot or cold water loop, or run with refrigerant.

    [/accordion-item][accordion-item title='Cold Water Building Loop Systems']

    Cold Water Building Loop Systems

    Where several temperature zones are required, Aqua Logic’s Cold/Hot Building Loop Systems offer the installer a complete, water-to-water, ready to use, time tested combination chiller plant and in-line heat exchangers, using quality built components and our trademark TITANIUM coils; the only material proven to be 100% fish and coral safe in saltwater systems.





    With The Right Pump For The Job...You'll Be Moving In The Right Direction

    Aqua Logic offers a large selection of water pumps in all sizes and styles for your aquatic application. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you size the right pumps for your needs and work directly with the manufacturers to ensure each pump meets your exact specifications.

    We hand select your pumps based on peak performance, ongoing operating costs, ease of maintenance, and dependability.
    Already know exactly what you need? Great, give us a call and we'll handle that for you.

    We’ve got you covered for all your marine and heavy duty applications too!

    Aqua Logic proudly works with the following pump manufacturers to supply pumps in a wide variety of sizes and styles:

    • Fybroc
    • Goulds
    • Hayward
    • Finish Thompson
    • HydroWizard
    • Iwaki
    • Little Giant
    • MDM
    • Pentair
    • Performance Pro
    • Tsurumi
    • And More...


    Contact us today for more information and assistance with pump selection.



    Newer, Bigger Manufacturing Facility. Same Old Small Detailed Precision

    Aqua Logic's in house tank builders have decades of experience and hand craft every one of our tanks with the utmost care and precision.
    We manufacture in materials like insulated ABS plastic, PVC, and molded fiberglass, which are excellent alternatives to the heavy tanks many end users are accustomed to, and partner with some of the best tank companies in the industry to supply you with polyethylene, glass, and acrylic tanks. Aqua Logic is the one stop manufacturer that can handle all your tank needs, from add on options like windows and bulkheads, to stainless steel stands and racks.





    Aqua Logic Has Perfected The Art Of Aquatic Life Support

    Our range of completely self-contained aquatic systems save you valuable time, effort, space, and money, and look amazing too.

    Browse our range of turnkey systems here to find what you need for your next project or endeavor, or use these ideas to get inspired.

    We build everything in our facility and our custom capabilities are without limitations. Virtually everything you see here can be tailored to your specifications, or we can start with your vision and build from the ground up. All of our  system designs are aimed at peak performance, leaving you free for what's most important.

    Where Will Aqua Logic's Aquatic Systems Take You?

    Aqua Logic has decided to discontinue offering LSS Skid Systems as of 11/07/2022.
    For your LSS Skid System needs, please contact Oceans Design at 719-896-4782
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    Behind the Glass and Beneath the Surface, We’re There… For You.

    Aqua Logic knows the critical importance water quality and health have on your aquatic ecosystem and its’ inhabitants, and we offer multiple options for both UV Sterilization and Ozone Disinfection so that you can choose the best fit for your needs and budget.

    Ultra Violet (UV) Sterilization is a simple, effective, and efficient means of disinfecting a body of water when sized and applied properly. Short‐wave ultraviolet light (253.7 nanometers) kills waterborne microorganisms with ease, provided they are exposed to the radiation for a sufficient length of time. The UV light breaks the DNA chain, thus preventing the microorganism from reproducing.

    Aqua Logic has been manufacturing their own UV Sterilizers since 1989 and offer a variety of designs to meet a broad range of user needs. No matter what your application, Aqua Logic’s UV Sterilizers are the smart choice.

    Ozone Disinfection is a natural method of removing harmful microorganisms and organic wastes. Ozone (O3 ) has a third oxygen atom that makes the molecule so unstable it produces oxidizing power. Generated as needed, ozone can be measured and monitored to efficiently sanitize and clarify a body of water. Aqua Logic works with the leaders in Ozone generation and can incorporate an ozone unit into any of our systems. Read on to see what we can offer for Aquarium, Zoo, Aquaculture, and Hydroponics!

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    [accordion-item title='UV Sterilizers']

    UV Sterilizers

    The Logical Choice is Clear.

    Stronger, More Reliable UV Sterilizers For Life Under the Surface

    Don’t be fooled by promises of a pristine tank, clear pond, or perfect water quality when you’re buying an inexpensive imported UV sterilizer from your local garden store or aquarium shop, big box store, or online mega-retailer.

    Aqua Logic understands the critical role your UV sterilizer has to play in the overall health and appearance of your water, which is why we consulted with Dr. James R. Bolton of Bolton Photosciences Inc. during the development of our UV sterilizer designs. An ultraviolet pioneer, and one of the most well respected experts in the field, Dr. Bolton is practically the Godfather of UV. It was he that helped make UV sterilization a widely accepted technology in water treatment, and he’s got the papers, books, and patents to prove it. Our design engineer sought out Dr. Bolton’s expertise and used exclusive software and formulas when engineering the designs for all our UV sterilizer models.

    Engineered for efficiency, all of Aqua Logic’s UV sterilizers use quartz sleeves for convenient lamp changes and use with any water temperature, require only 22” of clearance for lamp changes thanks to our powerful u‐shaped 95 watt HO low pressure PL lamps, and come with lightweight weatherproof electronic ballasts.

    [/accordion-item][accordion-item title='Ozone Disinfection']

    Ozone Disinfection

    As most of the industries we serve know, keeping an aquatic exhibit both visually stunning and healthy can present a whole host of challenges. Effectively eliminating microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, fungi, contaminants, and chloramines is a common concern, and if left untreated can quickly threaten animal and plant health.

    The beauty of ozone is that the unstable third oxygen atom combines with these organic and inorganic molecules and almost immediately destroys them through the process of oxidation. Because that ozone has a short half-life, it gets used up quickly and leaves behind only harmless O2 . This is where the ozone generation comes in to deliver just the right amount of ozone at a constant rate. These ozone generators can be compact for smaller applications, including small exhibits, ponds, and hydroponic set ups, or much larger for huge commercial display tanks or aquaculture operations.

    Aqua Logic works directly with the industry leaders in Ozone disinfection treatment, including Del Ozone, Ozone Water Systems, and Ozonia, to name a few.

    Call or email us to inquire about how we can meet your ozone disinfection needs!

    Ozone Water Systems








    VIEW OUR Sterilizers PRODUCTS


    Reliable Aquatic Systems For Life Under The Surface

    Aqua Logic offers thoughtfully designed accessories to help you achieve the most precise temperature control and safeguard your equipment.

    We also fabricate PVC water stop flanges and offer other custom plastic and metal fabrications.

    Browse our selection below or Contact Us for special requests.

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    [/accordion-item][accordion-item title='Temperature Controllers']

    [/accordion-item][accordion-item title='Temperature Controller Accessories']

    [/accordion-item][accordion-item title='Flow Switches']

    [/accordion-item][accordion-item title='Water Stop Flanges']



    VIEW OUR Accessories PRODUCTS

    Replacement Parts

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    [accordion-item title='In-Line Heater Parts']

    In-Line Heater Parts

    Aqua Logic carries the following replacement parts for our Elecro In-line Electric Heaters, including the Cygnet, Evo, and Optima lines.

    Not quite sure what you need? No problem. Contact Us and we'll get back to you shortly.



    VIEW OUR Replacement Parts PRODUCTS