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      Who should Use the

      Bait Pro System

  • Convenience Stores
  • Sporting Goods Stores
  • Marinas and Boat Rental Shops
  • Bait and Tackle Stores
  • Resorts

     Why Use the Bait Pro System

  • Recirculation System does not waste water

  • Large Capacity Insulated Tanks

  • Removable Dividers

  • Easy Access to Filter



Take the guess work, worry and hassle out of building your own bait holding tank. “Aqua Logic Bait Pro System” offers the customer an easy to use, low maintenance package that will keep your bait healthy and lively with minimal attention.

All tanks are a complete system including the water chiller with temperature controller, water pump, biological / particulate filter cells, venturi aeration, lids and removable dividers. The chiller will maintain temperature down to 50F. These tanks are made of insulated ABS plastic and thermal pane acrylic windows to prevent water condensation on the outside viewing windows.

Individual filter cells can be cleaned periodically in rotation so as to minimize the disturbance to the ammonia converting bacteria that live in the filter cells. Filters come filled with carbon which can be replaced as needed by removing one end of the filter cells. Cells can also be filled with Zeolite to aid in the removal of ammonia.

Each system comes on a cabinet stand with storage for bags and other supplies. Available in white, black or blue color.

Auxiliary aeration systems utilizing an air pump and an air stone in each compartment is also available. Air flow to each compartment is controlled by a valve located in the cabinet.

Aqua Logic makes a wide variety of tank systems. If you have a specific application, please contact our office to discuss further.

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Tank OD







72 24 24 130 498


96 24 24 175 662




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*  Height does not include the stand

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