Louisville Zoo: Penguin Exhibit Life Support System





Louisville, Kentucky

Aqua Logic regularly supplies equipment and systems to design engineers working on large scale projects, from retrofits to new construction, and are a popular choice among Zoos and Aquariums. We were given the opportunity to provide Louisville Zoo with a few compact, modular LSS systems on skids, and one of our large split chillers and an in-line heater, that were installed on-site to make up a larger LSS system for the Penguins.

Components & Features

  • Built three (3) identical LSS skids, the third being a mirror image of the other two.
  • Skids measured roughly 4’x 5’ each
  • Each skid included a 36” sand filter, 1.5hp recirculation pump, butterfly valves, and mag meter flow meter
  • Flanged at points of connection
  • Aqua Logic MT-10 Split chiller
  • 12kW electric in-line titanium heater
  • A separate chlorine controller was also provided with a chlorine storage tank and injection pump.