Gump Research Station: Coral Research System

Moorea, French Polynesia

Cal State Northridge came to Aqua Logic for a custom aquatic research system in which they could replicate the temperature and lighting conditions found in a particular region of the South Pacific for their coral research. We developed a relatively compact rack system, and a separate equipment skid to filter incoming seawater.

Components & Features

  • Two powder coated stainless steel racks
  • Each rack contained six (6) insulated ABS tanks with acrylic viewing windows
  • Each of the 12 tanks had own submersible pump, protein skimmer, and lighting
  • Individual temperature and lighting controls for each tank
  • Turnkey skid-mounted filtration system for seawater supply
  • 400 watt metal halides and fluorescent lights to simulate light intensity
  • 2 ton heat exchanger for cold water loop
  • Buffer tank to recirculate chilled water
  • Ability to incorporate Co2 injection