Gump Research Station: Rotating Coral Acclimation System

Moorea, French Polynesia

After successfully using a custom coral research rack system Aqua Logic had built them, Cal State Northridge came back, this time asking us to design and build a small tank system that could rotate 360 degrees. Coral specimens would be acclimatized in this small system before being moved to the research tanks.

Components & Features

  • Round FRP tank, customized to customer dimensions
  • Internal rotating platform for coral specimens
  • Full platform rotation in a 12 hour duration
  • Advanced temperature and lighting controls
  • Aqua Logic air-cooled titanium water chiller
  • 2kW titanium in-line electric heater
  • Magnetic drive recirculation pump
  • LED lighting
  • Custom stand for tank and LSS equipment made entire footprint of complete system only 4’ x4’