Mike Hosford

Mike works in sales and engineering, bringing 20 years of aquaculture industry experience to Aqua Logic and its customers. Like so many other aquaculture professionals, he got his start with Bob Heideman at Aquatic Ecosystems in Apopka FL. Prior to that, while studying aquaculture engineering at the University of Hawaii, he developed an award-winning solar-aquaculture program at Hilo High School. He went on to earn an MS from Cal Poly, Pomona, focusing on solar heated aquaculture building design and heat transfer modeling. For 12 years Mike ran Aquaculture Solutions, a one-man, client-driven design/build company based in southern Oregon. In all his work he has delved deeply into the engineering aspects of system design, including original research on a novel oxygen transfer device – the California Tube (aka Farrell Tube) – and the development of temperature blending racks, solid waste settlers, degassing columns, and many other products. Mike has logged thousands of hours successfully designing and installing all kinds of aquaculture systems and is ready to bring that experience to your projects. What Mike loves most about his job is working closely with customers in transforming their ideas into optimal systems. In his off hours he enjoys spending time with family and taking in all that the San Diego area has to offer. Mike’s hobbies include ocean sports, roller blading, guitar, and camping.