Why Titanium?

Considered a “premium material” by any industry standard, many now turn to this amazing, yet expensive metal, for its’ long list of superior physical characteristics. Lightweight, flexible, super strong, and resistant to fatigue… what’s not to like?

For many years, aircraft and ship manufactures have used titanium because of great corrosion resistance and heat transfer properties compared to many of the stainless steel materials. Pure titanium not only has a proven track record of being the material of choice for use in seawater applications, but is a non-toxic inert material that is safe for aquatic animals, people, and plants. For our purposes we couldn’t think of a better option!

Titanium Trivia:

  • Titanium is the chemical element Ti…remember your periodic table?
  • 9th most abundant element found in the earth’s crust
  • Discovered in black sand in Cornwall, England
  • As strong as steel, but 45% lighter
  • Originally named ‘manaccanite’
  • Melting point of 3020 +/-50º F
  • Highest strength to density ratio of any metal
  • A German chemist renamed it Titanium after the Titans of Greek mythology
  • Titanium is used in surgical procedures because it is completely inert in the human body
  • Excellent ‘elongation’ property allows it to bend and not break…this stuff is not brittle
  • 2x as dense as aluminum but only 56% as dense as steel
  • Pure titanium is a lustrous white metal
  • 4th most abundant metallic element behind aluminum, magnesium, and iron.
  • 95% of titanium is used in production of titanium dioxide ( TiO2 )
  • Burns in air but also the only element that burns in nitrogen
  • Pure titanium was not isolated until 1910…119 years after its discovery in England.
  • Titanium dioxide is used as a bright white pigment with UV blocking properties in paints, plastics, sunscreen, food coloring, paper, milk, etc.
  • Nearly same stiffness-to weight ratio as steel

Aqua Logic proudly uses pure titanium in all their water chilling and heating equipment.
Always have. Always will

Titanium Strong To Last Long… Did we mention that it looks great too?