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At Aqua Logic we understand that there’s more to having a personal aquarium than the calming effects and visual perks. For the aquarium enthusiast, it can be a biology experiment, an ongoing project, and a serious hobby. Whether you just want to create a more relaxing environment in your home or office, or enjoy the challenge of balancing a delicate ecosystem, Aqua Logic’s got you covered.

When You Fail to Use the Proper Equipment…Failure Is Your Only Reliability.

At Aqua Logic, all of our equipment is designed with your aquatic life in mind. We offer a vast range of durable and reliable products and equipment for the true aquarium enthusiast, looking for top of the line equipment built to last and made right here in the USA. This means you’ll always get the customer support you need, and with more than 25 years as a leader in our industry we’re not going anywhere.

Our team of professionals have engineered two of the most popular aquarium water chillers on the market today; the Delta Star® and Cyclone®, and their compact and stylish counterparts, the Trimline® series. These precisely designed chillers will maintain a stable temperature in your aquarium, ideal for any home or office where noise, space, style, and reliability are important.