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Hydrotherapy is a traditional method of treatment that has been used for centuries to treat disease, alleviate pain, aid muscle movement, and stimulate the recovery of wounds or injury. Today, as it gains popularity, we see hydrotherapy used in a variety of applications for both people and animals, with proven therapeutic and healing effects.

Aqua Logic specializes in chilling and heating water with the finest quality, consistently accurate and reliable water chillers, heat exchangers, and heaters on the market.

  • Professional Athletes are notorious for diving in to a bucket of ice after a game or heavy training session. Runners, extreme sports athletes, and cyclists swear by the restorative effects of a cold plunge. But ice melts quickly, with all the coldest water sitting at the surface where the intact cubes are still floating, and some cold pools aren’t exactly that, but merely ‘cool’ swimming pools or spas. For a true therapeutic effect the water temperature needs to be between 40-55ºF. Cold Water Spas and treadmills are catching on in a big way, and can greatly improve an athletes recovery time and condition. Aqua Logic water chillers can deliver consistently cold temperatures for any size tub or pool…without the truckload of ice! We currently partner with some of the biggest names in hydrotherapy pools, tubs, and treadmills, and can customize the dimensions of most units to fit perfectly into a specific space.
  • Hospitals and Physiotherapy Facilities, often have to rely on water as a medium for exercise for those patients that cannot comfortably work out or rehabilitate on land. Working with a therapist in water can help those with a disability gain movement, exercise otherwise unused muscles, and relieve pain. It can also aide in recovery from an injury and promote relaxation. Aqua Logic is proud to work with these facilities to provide them with the equipment they need, and face the challenges of rehabilitation together.
  • Equine cold saltwater spas and treadmills are becoming the go-to method for, greatly improving a horse’s recovery and condition, as well as curing a number of chronic leg and foot conditions. Aqua Logic has chillers, heaters, and heat exchangers for any size application, from heating a horse pool, to chilling the water in an aquatic treadmill.
  • Cool Canines are taking the plunge on the advice of a growing number of veterinarians, for congenital and chronic conditions, and rehabilitation post injury or surgery. Aqua Logic’s drop-in coil Cyclone water chillers have been the perfect solution for a number of veterinary practices that want a simple hydrotherapy set up to use with their patients.
  • Spas and Wellness Centers that have typically utilized saunas, steam rooms, and Jacuzzis, are now incorporating cold plunge pools for the added benefits of cold water immersion. Many homes are now adding this same luxury into their bathroom suites, gardens, or pool areas. Aqua Logic builds all of our chillers and heat exchangers in our 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility, and can provide a unit, as well as filtration and water treatment options, for any sized application.