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Practice Makes Perfect…But Wouldn’t You Rather Get It Right the First Time?

Achieving a balance between healthy fish and an aesthetically pleasing pond, is a challenge most pond owners know all too well. Each and every pond comes with its own unique set of variables affecting both fish health and water clarity, and when it comes to a solution, one size does not fit all.

Aqua Logic understands the unique nature of a pond, and the money, time, and energy you invest, which is why we offer a broad range of helpful products that can be designed and manufactured to your specifications, to help you achieve the results you want and save you valuable time on maintenance.

  • Avoid Fish Mortality with the Aqua Logic Elecro Titanium In-line heater. A popular choice with Koi enthusiasts, it’s only available in the USA, Canada, and Mexico through Aqua Logic, and is guaranteed to get you through those long winters with reliable, temperature precision.
  • Establish and maintain healthy water quality and avoid disease. Aqua Logic can design and fabricate a custom fiberglass multi-stage filtration system, or a complete filtration skid package with inclusions such as: filters, pumps, UV sterilizer, and protein skimmer, all built to your specifications.
  • Effectively control algae, maintain water clarity, and eliminate waterborne pathogens. Aqua Logic has been manufacturing UV Sterilizers since 1989, and with five styles to choose from, we have perfect UV unit for you specifications and space.
  • Gain the space to safely grow out fish, or quarantine fish without threatening the health of your pond, with Aqua Logic’s extensive range of fiberglass, insulated ABS, and PVC tanks and complete tank systems. We build every tank and system to order and can meet your specific needs and size requirements.