Accelerate Your Research. Incredibly Stable Equipment for Ridiculously Accurate Results.

Aqua Logic’s innovative products and technology address the complex nature of the research environment. In collaboration with cutting edge universities and organizations, Aqua Logic works with each and every customer to develop innovative solutions and reliable products that deliver consistent results.

Functionality That Couldn’t Be More Precise…For Specimens that Couldn’t Be More Fragile.

Aquatic Research.

Extensive knowledge of Marine and Freshwater applications means that Aqua Logic manufactures every piece of equipment with the integrity of your research and your living subjects in mind. From custom research racks and egg-hatching systems, to fiberglass tanks, heating and chilling equipment, and filtration packages, we can satisfy all your research requirements. Any of these components or systems can be integrated seamlessly into your existing facility or laboratory infrastructure, and can include advanced controls and monitoring.

Your Findings Can Help The World. Our Equipment Can Make a World of Difference.

Laboratory Research.

Aqua Logic designs equipment and systems with the laboratory environment in mind. Compact, reliable, and easy to maintain, we get you accurate results and let you keep the floor space. Our Insulated Water Bath Systems are ideal for toxicology and research studies where samples must be held at a constant temperature, and our full range of heat pumps, drop in chillers, and heat exchangers means you’ll find the perfect unit to work with your existing laboratory set up. With the ability to fine tune your parameters and maintain tight temperature tolerances, you can trust Aqua Logic because when there is zero room for error, we’re 100% committed.