Seafood Industry

From Sustaining Delicate Marine Life… To Ensuring Your “Catch of The Day” Stays Fresh… Aqua Logic. Good for Life All Around.

Trust the industry leader with over 25 years of experience for all your seafood life support needs. Aqua Logic designs and manufactures a range seafood holding tanks, all complete with filtration, UV sterilization, pumps, water chiller, and a single point electrical connection for ease of installation.

Keeping What Goes In Your Livewell…Alive and Well.

Aqua Logic’s Titanium Tube-In-Shell and Tube Sheet heat exchangers are designed for both refrigerant to water and water to water applications. All internal materials are non-corrosive in seawater and will not leach toxic elements into the system water, making them the smart choice for livewells aboard recreational fishing boats and commercial fishing vessels.

All Aqua Logic equipment and life support systems are salt water safe, non-toxic, and non- corrosive for superior durability and dependability.