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Here at Aqua Logic we take pride in the diversity of the industries we work with. We may have gotten our start figuring out a way to properly chill lobster tanks, but we quickly realized that our premium equipment could tackle a whole host of unique aquatic challenges, and we made it our goal to expand our reach to fill those needs.

Today, we continually find new uses and markets for our products, and ways in which we can adapt them to help our customers find their perfect solution!

Read on about the industries we serve and some of the innovative solutions we offer…

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    Your Efforts Help The World. Our Equipment Makes a World of Difference.

    Achieving a sustainable balance between the natural environment and human activity is unquestionably a defining challenge for the twenty-first century research scientist. What we do in the next 2, 5, and 10 years will determine what is possible in the next 50.

    Aqua Logic’s innovative products and technology address the complex nature of the research environment. In collaboration with cutting edge universities and organizations, Aqua Logic works with each and every customer to develop innovative solutions and reliable products that deliver consistently accurate results.

    Be Eco-Logical. Collaborate With Aqua Logic and Tackle the Environmental Challenges of Tomorrow,Today…Together.

    Aquarium & Zoo

    For Worlds Underwater, Balance Starts Behind the Scenes.

    Aqua Logic is the Preeminent Manufacturer of Premium Aquatic Life Support Systems.

    In 1853, the first public aquarium was opened in England, but because of inadequate life support systems, the animals unfortunately did not survive. Soon thereafter, aquarists learned the importance of filtration and water chemistry.

    Today, this industry fully understands the critical importance of precision and performance from these life support systems, and the advances in this science have not only allowed animals to survive in captivity, but thrive. Zoos and Aquariums now face a multitude of responsibilities that far exceed basic animal husbandry and public education. Many of these facilities actively engage in captive breeding and reintroduction programs, field conservation, habitat preservation, research, and fundraising in their efforts to preserve threatened and endangered species.

    When We Build A Life Support System for Our Clients…We Become A Support System for Life.

    For more than two decades, Aqua Logic has been a leader in supplying life support systems (LSS) and specialty heating, chilling, and filtration equipment to aquariums, zoos and research institutions. Every system and piece of equipment is manufactured and wet tested in our San Diego facility, using only the highest quality, animal safe materials.

    Behind the Glass and Beneath the Surface, We’re There…For You.

    Our Engineers are here to help you design and customize the right system for your needs, or find the solution to an ongoing challenge. Our talented team of experts and extensive manufacturing capabilities, promise to deliver beyond your expectations and allow you to create the best possible environments within your facility.

    Bait & Pet Shops

    Practice Makes Perfect… But Wouldn’t You Rather Get It Right The First Time?

    Let Aqua Logic take the work out of keeping live fish for resale. Whether you are a bait shop, pet shop, aquarium store, or ornamental fish wholesaler, we have the equipment and systems to simplify and streamline your business. Our range of reliable, corrosion resistant equipment will ensure years of dependable service with simple operation and minimal maintenance. Check out what we have to offer, from complete bait tank systems with filtration, to chillers, heat pumps, and heat exchangers, to holding tanks, and UV sterilizers. Our custom tanks, racks, and systems can be configured for any operation, and be sure to ask us about custom chilling and heating units like the ones we make specifically for big name nationwide retailers. We’ve got you covered so that you can focus on your business.


    Education That Starts Under the Surface.

    For Inspiration That Doesn’t End With the Bell.

    Aqua Logic believes that hands on learning can make a world of difference to understanding and awareness. We are here to help you create one of a kind experiences that will leave a lasting impression on your students.

    Our range of plug and play tank systems are the perfect complement to your curriculum. We custom build reliable, easy to use, portable touch tanks, wet tables, classroom aquariums and refugiums, hydroponic/aquaponic set ups (indoor/outdoor), hatching and embryology tanks, and aquatic exhibits. With unlimited features and options, portable systems, and modular systems that grow and adapt with your lesson plans, Aqua Logic helps you challenge young minds.

    Used in schools, museums, science centers, public aquariums, and zoos…Aqua Logic can tailor a complete package to enhance your syllabus and bring science to life!

    Finally, Lessons That Literally Sink In…


    Solutions for Problems…Ideas For Action…Innovation For Every Next Step

    At Aqua Logic we understand that there’s more to having a personal aquarium than the calming effects and visual perks. For the aquarium enthusiast, it can be a biology experiment, an ongoing project, and a serious hobby. Whether you just want to create a more relaxing environment in your home or office, or enjoy the challenge of balancing a delicate ecosystem, Aqua Logic’s got you covered.

    When You Fail to Use the Proper Equipment…Failure Is Your Only Reliability.

    At Aqua Logic, all of our equipment is designed with your aquatic life in mind. We offer a vast range of durable and reliable products and equipment for the true aquarium enthusiast, looking for top of the line equipment built to last and made right here in the USA. This means you’ll always get the customer support you need, and with more than 25 years as a leader in our industry we’re not going anywhere.

    Our team of professionals have engineered two of the most popular aquarium water chillers on the market today; the Delta Star® and Cyclone®, and their compact and stylish counterparts, the Trimline® series. These precisely designed chillers will maintain a stable temperature in your aquarium, ideal for any home or office where noise, space, style, and reliability are important.

    Hydroponics / Aquaponics

    Our Roots Are Under Water, We’re Heads Above It…

    Whatever You’re Growing Lettuce Help.

    Aqua Logic has been building systems for Research and Aquaculture for more than two decades. With advances in science, the demand for increased food production, the farm to table trend, and the legalization of marijuana in some states, there has been a boom in the Hydroponics and Aquaponics industries, particularly here in the United States.

    No matter the scale; whether you are in the commercial sector, operating a community garden, setting up an Aquaponics system for a school science curriculum, or building a small backyard setup to feed your family and friends…Aqua Logic has the equipment you need to maximize your yield.

    In Your Growing Industry, You Need a Partner to Help You Grow With It.

    From water chillers to heat exchangers to complete circulation and filtration systems for all your growing needs, Aqua Logic designs and builds systems to meet your specifications, using only the highest quality titanium and construction materials that are plant and animal safe, non-corrosive, and non-toxic.


    Solutions for Problems. Ideas For Action.

    So You Can Keep Moving Forward

    Hydrotherapy is a traditional method of treatment that has been used for centuries to treat disease, alleviate pain, aid muscle movement, and stimulate the recovery of wounds or injury. Today, as it gains popularity, we see hydrotherapy used in a variety of applications for both people and animals, with proven therapeutic and healing effects.

    Aqua Logic specializes in chilling and heating water with the finest quality, consistently accurate and reliable water chillers, heat exchangers, and heaters on the market.

    • Professional Athletes are notorious for diving in to a bucket of ice after a game or heavy training session. Runners, extreme sports athletes, and cyclists swear by the restorative effects of a cold plunge. But ice melts quickly, with all the coldest water sitting at the surface where the intact cubes are still floating, and some cold pools aren’t exactly that, but merely ‘cool’ swimming pools or spas. For a true therapeutic effect the water temperature needs to be between 40-55ºF. Cold Water Spas and treadmills are catching on in a big way, and can greatly improve an athletes recovery time and condition. Aqua Logic water chillers can deliver consistently cold temperatures for any size tub or pool…without the truckload of ice! We currently partner with some of the biggest names in hydrotherapy pools, tubs, and treadmills, and can customize the dimensions of most units to fit perfectly into a specific space.
    • Hospitals and Physiotherapy Facilities, often have to rely on water as a medium for exercise for those patients that cannot comfortably work out or rehabilitate on land. Working with a therapist in water can help those with a disability gain movement, exercise otherwise unused muscles, and relieve pain. It can also aide in recovery from an injury and promote relaxation. Aqua Logic is proud to work with these facilities to provide them with the equipment they need, and face the challenges of rehabilitation together.
    • Equine cold saltwater spas and treadmills are becoming the go-to method for, greatly improving a horse’s recovery and condition, as well as curing a number of chronic leg and foot conditions. Aqua Logic has chillers, heaters, and heat exchangers for any size application, from heating a horse pool, to chilling the water in an aquatic treadmill.
    • Cool Canines are taking the plunge on the advice of a growing number of veterinarians, for congenital and chronic conditions, and rehabilitation post injury or surgery. Aqua Logic’s drop-in coil Cyclone water chillers have been the perfect solution for a number of veterinary practices that want a simple hydrotherapy set up to use with their patients.
    • Spas and Wellness Centers that have typically utilized saunas, steam rooms, and Jacuzzis, are now incorporating cold plunge pools for the added benefits of cold water immersion. Many homes are now adding this same luxury into their bathroom suites, gardens, or pool areas. Aqua Logic builds all of our chillers and heat exchangers in our 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility, and can provide a unit, as well as filtration and water treatment options, for any sized application.

    Koi / Ponds

    Practice Makes Perfect…But Wouldn’t You Rather Get It Right the First Time?

    Achieving a balance between healthy fish and an aesthetically pleasing pond, is a challenge most pond owners know all too well. Each and every pond comes with its own unique set of variables affecting both fish health and water clarity, and when it comes to a solution, one size does not fit all.

    Aqua Logic understands the unique nature of a pond, and the money, time, and energy you invest, which is why we offer a broad range of helpful products that can be designed and manufactured to your specifications, to help you achieve the results you want and save you valuable time on maintenance.

    • Avoid Fish Mortality with the Aqua Logic Elecro Titanium In-line heater. A popular choice with Koi enthusiasts, it’s only available in the USA, Canada, and Mexico through Aqua Logic, and is guaranteed to get you through those long winters with reliable, temperature precision.
    • Establish and maintain healthy water quality and avoid disease. Aqua Logic can design and fabricate a custom fiberglass multi-stage filtration system, or a complete filtration skid package with inclusions such as: filters, pumps, UV sterilizer, and protein skimmer, all built to your specifications.
    • Effectively control algae, maintain water clarity, and eliminate waterborne pathogens. Aqua Logic has been manufacturing UV Sterilizers since 1989, and with five styles to choose from, we have perfect UV unit for you specifications and space.
    • Gain the space to safely grow out fish, or quarantine fish without threatening the health of your pond, with Aqua Logic’s extensive range of fiberglass, insulated ABS, and PVC tanks and complete tank systems. We build every tank and system to order and can meet your specific needs and size requirements.


    Accelerate Your Research. Incredibly Stable Equipment for Ridiculously Accurate Results.

    Aqua Logic’s innovative products and technology address the complex nature of the research environment. In collaboration with cutting edge universities and organizations, Aqua Logic works with each and every customer to develop innovative solutions and reliable products that deliver consistent results.

    Functionality That Couldn’t Be More Precise…For Specimens that Couldn’t Be More Fragile.

    Aquatic Research.

    Extensive knowledge of Marine and Freshwater applications means that Aqua Logic manufactures every piece of equipment with the integrity of your research and your living subjects in mind. From custom research racks and egg-hatching systems, to fiberglass tanks, heating and chilling equipment, and filtration packages, we can satisfy all your research requirements. Any of these components or systems can be integrated seamlessly into your existing facility or laboratory infrastructure, and can include advanced controls and monitoring.

    Your Findings Can Help The World. Our Equipment Can Make a World of Difference.

    Laboratory Research.

    Aqua Logic designs equipment and systems with the laboratory environment in mind. Compact, reliable, and easy to maintain, we get you accurate results and let you keep the floor space. Our Insulated Water Bath Systems are ideal for toxicology and research studies where samples must be held at a constant temperature, and our full range of heat pumps, drop in chillers, and heat exchangers means you’ll find the perfect unit to work with your existing laboratory set up. With the ability to fine tune your parameters and maintain tight temperature tolerances, you can trust Aqua Logic because when there is zero room for error, we’re 100% committed.

    Seafood Industry

    From Sustaining Delicate Marine Life… To Ensuring Your “Catch of The Day” Stays Fresh… Aqua Logic. Good for Life All Around.

    Trust the industry leader with over 25 years of experience for all your seafood life support needs. Aqua Logic designs and manufactures a range seafood holding tanks, all complete with filtration, UV sterilization, pumps, water chiller, and a single point electrical connection for ease of installation.

    Keeping What Goes In Your Livewell…Alive and Well.

    Aqua Logic’s Titanium Tube-In-Shell and Tube Sheet heat exchangers are designed for both refrigerant to water and water to water applications. All internal materials are non-corrosive in seawater and will not leach toxic elements into the system water, making them the smart choice for livewells aboard recreational fishing boats and commercial fishing vessels.

    All Aqua Logic equipment and life support systems are salt water safe, non-toxic, and non- corrosive for superior durability and dependability.