Filters & Filter Media

Aqua Logic supplies many of the brands and sizes of water filters commonly used in the industry, either as a single unit or incorporated into one of our skid-mounted Turnkey Filtration packages.  Auto-backwash controls, media, and replacement parts are also available.

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Filters & Filter Media

Learn More About The Types Of Water Filtration Here And See Some Of The Other Products We Offer:

Mechanical Filtration

As the name suggests, mechanical filtration is the physical removal of particles and waste matter from water. There are many styles of mechanical filter, each designed to contain a specific type or types of filtration media. This media requires maintenance, whether that be backwashing in the case of a sand or bead filter, or routine cleaning and replacement when using a cartridge, canister, or bag filter.

The types of filtration media used in a mechanical filter are often used in sequence to trap particles of various sizes, and can include pre- or post-filters to remove large particles first or polish the water as a final stage. Mechanical filtration is often combined with other forms of filtration to achieve the greatest water quality.

Available products:

  • Sand filter
  • Rotary drum filter
  • Bead filter
  • Canister filter
  • Bag filter
  • Cartridge filter
  • Multi-stage filtration sump
  • Wet/dry trickle filter
  • Sand/Mixed media
  • Filtration beads
  • Dacron cells and pads
  • Filter bags
  • Multi-port valves
  • Blowers

Biological Filtration

The nitrogen cycle is responsible for the biological filtration within any aquatic system. The role of the biological filter is to provide the place for the bacteria that carry out the nitrogen cycle to grow, and surface area is key.

While many mechanical filters also provide some biological filtration, providing enough designated space for this process to occur is critically important to animal health. Aqua logic manufactures wet/dry trickle filters and filtration sumps built to your specifications, and can provide a variety of biological filtration media.

Available Products:

  • Trickle filters
  • Multi-stage filtration sumps
  • Matala filter media
  • Refillable filter cells with Dacron wool sleeves
  • Bio balls
  • Bio Barrels
  • Ceramic noodles
  • Brentwood trickle filter media
  • Media bags

Chemical Filtration

An excellent add on measure for optimal water quality, chemical filtration takes water clarity and health to the finest level. This most often refers to the use of activated carbon, zeolite, or other resins to pull dissolved organic pollutants and discoloration from the water by absorbing them. Easily applied in addition to standard mechanical and biological filtration, chemical filtration of this type can be incorporated into any aquarium, pond, or aquatic application and is a convenient, simple, and low-cost method for small operations and hobbyists.

Where a heavy bio-load is an issue, such is commonly the case in large public aquarium exhibits and recirculating aquaculture systems, a protein fractionator is perhaps the most effective option, particularly with the added benefits of ozone injection. Protein fractionation removes proteins and dissolved organic pollutants, as well as undesirable tint, from the water, oxidizes bacteria and viruses, and saturates the water with oxygen. These combined benefits can make a world of difference to animal health and productivity, in addition to achieving crystal clear water. Protein fractionation can be used on any sized system, from hobbyist to a commercial scale.

Available products:

  • Cartridge filters
  • Canister filters
  • Protein fractionator/skimmer
  • Activated carbon
  • Zeolite
  • Chemical baskets
  • Media Bags

Contact us today with your water filter specifications and questions, and we will help you choose the right filter for your application.