Chilling & Heating

Functionality That Couldn't Be More Precise...For Environments That Couldn't Be More Fragile.

Aqua Logic understands the critical role that water temperature plays in your aquatic application and we offer the widest range of chilling and heating equipment.
Designed specifically for the unique markets we serve, we've been manufacturing the most reliable and accurate equipment, using only pure titanium coils and the highest quality components, for more than 25 years.

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Time to Chill. In less time than ever.

When it comes to water chillers, one size does not fit all. Aqua Logic manufactures chillers specifically designed for a wide variety of applications, so that they always meet your expectations. Installed in major public aquariums, the largest marine research labs in the world, and industries where corrosive fluids need to be cooled, Aqua Logic’s oversized helical titanium coil maximizes Btu transfer efficiency to deliver the consistent cold temperature you require.

When there’s zero room for error...we’re 100% committed.

We understand the critical role your equipment plays in your research or keeping marine life alive, which is why we’ve set the standard for the water chiller industry. From the environmentally stable insulation on the evaporator, to shut down safety flow switches and current/phase monitoring electronics, we’ve got you covered so that you can focus on your operation.

100% Titanium. 100% Satisfaction.

We use the most stable materials so you get the most accurate results.  Aqua Logic Chillers are built strong to last long.


Heat Pumps

Face Big Challenges With Smart Design

Aqua Logic’s Heat Pumps offer the same reliability as our chillers but with the added ability to heat your water as well.

One unit handles both the heating and cooling functions automatically in both freshwater and saltwater applications. A properly sized and installed heat pump will provide stable, thermostatically controlled water temperature in the range of 40º-85ºF.

How it Works:

In cooling mode, the heat pump works as a chiller, using the liquid refrigerant to cool your tank water. In heating mode, the heat pump works with the liquid refrigerant (Freon) flow in reverse. Freon absorbs heat from the air as it moves through the condenser. As it heats, the Freon becomes a gas, which is then compressed by the compressor. The heat carried by the Freon gas is then released into the titanium heat exchanger and transferred to the circulated water.

*Above example based on air-cooled unit with refrigerant. Water cooled models also available.

Heat Exchangers

Titanium Strong to Last Long

Aqua Logic is the leader in Heat Exchanger design and performance, with more than 25 years manufacturing the finest quality, high-grade titanium units. With the widest range of heat exchangers available, and limitless capabilities to build custom sizes and styles, there is no heat transfer requirement we can’t meet. Our customers look no further for dependable performance that is easy to install and maintain, is food, plant, and animal safe, and built to last.

Our commitment to continual product design and development means that we grow with our customer markets to provide solutions as new challenges arise, and because we manufacture everything right here in our San Diego facility we can modify any of our existing designs to fit your space and need.

Available with helical coils, tube sheets, and flat plates, our superior titanium construction makes Aqua Logic Heat Exchangers non-corrosive and safe for use in both fresh and saltwater. They can easily be connected to an existing hot or cold water loop, or run with refrigerant.


Aqua Logic offers a variety of solutions for your heating requirements, from small electric in-line heaters, to large gas boilers, and even direct immersion heaters. Primarily manufactured with our trademark Titanium components, we have a number of options also available in stainless steel for certain applications.

Not sure what you need? As experts in aquatic temperature control, Aqua Logic’s team of technicians are here to assist you in determining which type of heater is the best fit for you, and we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the consistent and reliable results.

Cold/Hot Building Loop Systems

Where several temperature zones are required, Aqua Logic’s Cold/Hot Building Loop Systems offer the installer a complete, water-to-water, ready to use, time tested combination chiller plant and in-line heat exchangers, using quality built components and our trademark TITANIUM coils; the only material proven to be 100% fish and coral safe in saltwater systems.