Oregon Hatchery Research Center: Hatchery Research Rack





Alsea, Oregon

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife came to Aqua Logic with a very specific request for a research rack that presented some fun challenges. Aside from the standard features, this hatchery needed to be able to see the fish fry in the tanks at all times so they had a few ideas; First, each of the tanks needed full viewing windows with no edges or borders, they also needed a removable white backdrop, which when inserted, could allow the fry to be seen more easily, and each tank had to have an external stand pipe so that there was no hiding place within the tanks. Finally, the entire system had the ability to operate in either recirculating or flow through mode.

Components & Features

  • System consisted of twelve (12) insulated ABS tanks with borderless windows
  • Filtration sump with carbon filter cells
  • In-line electric titanium heater with thermostat and temperature controls
  • Aqua logic air-cooled titanium water chiller
  • High output UV sterilizer
  • LED lighting and controls
  • External stand pipes,
  • Removable white backdrop for each tank