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Why Choose Us?

We are The Manufacturer. You’ll see our products everywhere but we invite you to learn more about how and why we build them and what makes Aqua Logic equipment and systems the very best. We love what we do, take the utmost pride in our work, and remain innovative and fluid in creating the perfect solution for any challenge.


Our commitment to quality is the most integral part of our business and all of our products come under close scrutiny throughout the manufacturing process. The success Aqua Logic has experienced over the years is unquestionably attributed to our reputation for quality.

Custom Solutions

Our custom solutions set us apart and strengthen our relationships with our customers as we work together. Our unwavering commitment to service, and the continuous building upon decades of experience in the aquatic industries only elevates this. As part of our responsibility to you as a customer, we find it critical to make it our business to know your business, and in doing so provide you with exactly what you need.

We Want to Grow Together

We’ve earned a place as a household name in many of our markets and plan to continue expanding our growth into new and exciting fields where the benefits of our products would be welcomed. We are proud to say that our customer list grows daily and we invite you to read on about the services we offer.

Small Company… Boundless Capabilities

DesignIntegrationOn-Site System CommissioningOn-Site System Training


Aqua Logic is a step above the competition because we are at our core, a manufacturer.

We can deliver on the most complex designs because we aren’t bound by the usual limitations, and as a result we produce the most innovative equipment and systems, and work with many of the best engineering firms in the business.


Those ‘other guys’ are buying equipment and sticking it all on a plastic pallet and calling it an LSS skid. Many times they sell you the equipment that suits this cookie cutter model, not the equipment that will meet your requirements and expectations.

At Aqua Logic we think differently…

On-Site System Commissioning

Aqua Logic won’t leave you hanging! Though we build everything with ease of installation and operation in mind, we understand that not every facility has the time or resources to handle the initial startup.

Commissioning and startup takes your project from the ‘construction’ phase to the ‘operation’ phase.

If you need us, we’re here to help.

On-Site System Training

Do you want to become more familiar with your new or existing Aqua Logic equipment?

Do you have a team of staff you’d like trained on maintenance and operation of an Aqua Logic system?

Having a team of operators that are well versed in the function, controls, and operation of an aquatic system or crucial piece of equipment can mean the difference between life and death for your aquatic inhabitants.

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    Take Our Collaboration To New Depths

    If you are looking for a partner in your next endeavor, look no further than Aqua Logic. We currently collaborate with a number of companies and manufacturers that couple our equipment or systems with their own, to produce outstanding and unique products. With Aqua Logic you know that our products are tried and true, and that we have the capability to modify any of our designs to fit any space or specification. We are here to work with you on finding the perfect solution to your needs. Read on to view examples of some of our exclusive partnerships and contact us to chat about what we can offer you as part of the Aqua Logic team.