Engineering For Life Aquatic

Aqua Logic is a step above the competition because we are at our core, a manufacturer. Our state-of-the-art facility and full machine shop allow us to fabricate in metal, plastics, fiberglass, and wood, and customize every piece of equipment and every system down to the finest details. We can deliver on the most complex designs because we aren’t bound by the usual limitations, and as a result we produce the most innovative equipment and systems, and work with many of the best engineering firms in the business.

Equipment & System Design

Our design team combines their knowledge and education over various disciplines to break the mold when it comes to innovation, efficiency and performance. Whether you need us to design an entire system for you, customize an equipment design for a unique challenge, or work with your design engineer or contractor on your next project, we’re up to the task.

Computer Aided Designs

Aqua Logic’s in-house drafter produces CAD drawings to support everything we build, whether that be our own equipment designs, an obscure customer concept, or specifications set forth by an outside equipment manufacturer or design engineer. The obvious benefits are that our customer knows exactly what they are getting, but the additional advantages include our abilities to facilitate equipment design and layout for large scale projects, design around unique parameters, customize equipment for strict space restrictions, and allow for customer input and revisions. Every concept or design starts with a sketch and goes through the engineering process to be turned into a technical drawing. Once approved, a final build drawing is created for our manufacturing floor.

New Design Partners

Our new, bigger manufacturing facility has also brought about some powerful collaborations that allow us to work in house with some of the best in our industry. Combining forces on projects is one of the ways we are expanding on our expertise and capabilities. The projects that have been completed so far are exceeding expectations and Aqua Logic looks forward to teaming up with more of our colleagues under the one roof.

See what Aqua Logic President Doug Russell had to say in a recent press release about how this is beneficial to the Aquaculture industry in particular…

“We think these are powerful collaborations for the aquaculture industry. We find it exciting to respond to the advances in research and aquaculture, and help our customers get to the next step. We start at the design process and can fabricate and custom build anything from complete recirculating aquaculture systems, to self-cleaning tanks, and, for example, raceway flumes for metabolic research.”

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