When You Fail To Use Proper Equipment… Failure Is Your Only Reliability

Those ‘other guys’ are buying equipment and sticking it all on a plastic pallet and calling it an LSS skid. Many times they sell you the equipment that suits this cookie cutter model, not the equipment that will meet your requirements and expectations. There are ultimately many limitations with this model, and in the end the efficiency and performance of the overall system suffers significantly. At Aqua Logic we think differently.

When We Build A Life Support System…We Become a Support System For Life

At Aqua Logic we start with what you want. We listen to your specifications and design challenges, select the best equipment for your application, and build our skid-mounted packages around you, starting from the bottom up. Give us your exact footprint and we’ll start by welding a stainless steel frame to accommodate the equipment we’ve specified together…not just whatever fits. We can build up in height where necessary, with multi-level skids that will save on footprint, or build modular skids or irregular shapes where it works best for your application.

We Didn’t Just Ride The Wave…

We were one of the first to take this approach and we’ve earned our place as one of the best. Our capabilities are unparalleled because we have our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and machine shop at our disposal. We’ve managed to keep up with the advancing technology, and work alongside the top design engineering firms to integrate our designs and builds into their comprehensive plans. After all, we’ve been doing this ‘skid thing’ for more than 25 years.

It’s all in the details…

We can incorporate any extra fittings and features needed to guarantee your system functions the way you need it to. Here are some examples of these options:

  • Fittings to points of connection
  • Valves and flanges
  • Flow meters and check valves
  • Controls
  • Automation
  • Monitoring & alarms
  • Instrumentation
  • CO2 injection, dosing pumps, etc.
  • Specialty housings
When There is Zero Room For Error…We Are 100% Committed.

Everything we provide to you is built and wet tested in our facility. After final inspection the system is carefully dismantled as needed, packaged, and crated for safe shipping. For the benefit of our customers, the clearest instructions for reassembly and installation are included in the crate to save you more valuable time and money. No need to pay for expensive labor because our systems are virtually plug n’ play. For those slightly more challenging set ups, our technicians are always available by phone to provide support and walk our customers through the installation and start up process, and we offer on-site system commissioning and training services (see the subsequent tabs in our ‘Services’ section). We do not offer on-site installation services at this time but can point you in the right direction for reputable outside installation services.

Independent Components

Maybe a complete package is not what you are looking for? We can provide individual components for your existing system and with the right information, we can prepare these components in advance with fittings, valves, piping, sensors, and switches, to get them ready for immediate and simple installation and integration.

Contact us today to chat with one of our knowledgeable team members about your project.