Take Our Collaboration To New Depths

If you are looking for a partner in your next endeavor, look no further than Aqua Logic. We currently collaborate with a number of companies and manufacturers that couple our great products or systems with their own, to produce outstanding and unique products. With Aqua Logic you know that our products are tried and true, and that we have the capability to modify any of our designs to fit any space or specifications. We are here to work with you on finding the perfect solution to your needs.

Nothing From Aqua Logic Leaks… And Nothing Leaks From Aqua Logic

We understand that confidentiality and proprietary designs are concerns and we form every alliance on a foundation of mutual trust and respect.

Here are just some of the customized products and systems we manufacture for our current partners:

  • Custom sized water chiller with additional controls for company that makes Equine treadmills used for horse hydrotherapy and rehabilitation.
  • Small custom water chiller and frame for in-store aquariums at a nationwide pet supply retailer.
  • Live bait fish holding tank system for a nationwide distributer.
  • Custom heat exchanger coils for manufacturer that makes equipment for beer breweries.
  • Modified versions of our water chillers for two companies that makes cold plunge tubs for professional athletic departments and spa facilities.
  • Chiller with customized titanium coil for a company that manufacturers paint products.
  • Customized UV sterilizers for a company that manufactures ozone destruction units.
  • Chiller with customized titanium coil for company that provides equipment to hospitals.
  • Custom sized chiller with specialized controls for aquariums at nationwide sporting goods retailers.

We take the same pride in the products and systems we provide for our partners as those we send out our own doors, and never compromise on quality, reliability, and integrity.

If you’d like to discuss a product partnership please don’t hesitate to email [email protected] or call us at 858-292-4773