Douglas Russell

Douglas Russell, CEO of Aqua Logic, has been in the Aquatic industry for more than 28 years. He earned degrees in aquaculture and fisheries biology, and first got his hands wet working on fish farms in Arkansas, and for Florida DNR, before ending up at Aquatic Eco System as a Sales Technician. Doug joined Aqua Logic in 1994, and with hard work, knowledge, and dedication, he transformed a small company into one that is known throughout the industries we serve today.  Aside from running a business and taking the time to have his eyes and hands on everything that comes in and out of our facility, Doug is passionate about making sure his customers are taken care of. His rapport with our longstanding customers speaks volumes about his character, and if you haven’t met Doug yet, you can find him at the next aquatic conference and say hello….he’ll be in his director’s chair at the Aqua Logic booth chilling drinks in a bucket using what else, but an Aqua Logic Cyclone water chiller! Away from Aqua Logic, Doug most enjoys spending time with his girls, Maralin and Joy, whom he cooks breakfast for every morning. He enjoys hunting and being outdoors, even if that means just enjoying his own slice of paradise, his backyard.