Ryan Couture, Oregon Hatchery Research Center

It was a pleasure working with the staff (Doug and Louis) from Aqua Logic to design and build our 12-tank behavior tank system.  I had an idea in my mind what the system would look like and how it would function, however the system that Aqua Logic delivered was well better than what I envisioned.  They were very open to the ideas I expressed as a wish list and did a great job to fit everything within our budget.  As a fish culturist I feel very comfortable using the system and understand the amount of thought and detail that went into the design. Working side by side with researchers, this tank system has also been a huge benefit to the quality and quantity of research done at our facility.  Researchers from Oregon State University, utilizing the equipment at our facility, have been very impressed with the lighting and temperature control, as well as the clarity of the dual pane, insulated window.  With other systems we’ve used, condensation is a common problem.  All of the equipment, from heaters to filters, as well as the controls and lighting systems are all top quality and the fabrication of the rack and hardware look great.  I would highly recommend Aqua Logic for any custom fish tank/aquaculture system that you’d like to build.”