Dr. Peter J. Edmunds, California State University

We have been working with Aqua Logic for many years, and first went to them when we needed an aquarium system for our research in French Polynesia.  Our needs focus on keeping corals and algae alive in tanks, and we have stringent constraints on the conditions of temperature, light, flow, pH and water circulation.  Initially, Aqua Logic built us a 12-tank facility in which we could keep corals and algae for experiments lasting many months, and this subsequently was followed with a larger tank in which the floor rotated to expose organisms placed in this surface to constant conditions.  This was a challenging job and Aqua Logic came through with a unique design that met our needs very well. Overall, we have been very pleased with the systems Aqua Logic has supplied.  Their work is of the highest quality, and it has been a pleasure working with a company with a strong commitment to “custom build”, craftsmanship, and the willingness to work with customers to create the product they need.