Dennis Ethier, New York Aquarium

I first started working with Doug and the folks at Aqua Logic back in 2003.  We had a situation where we inadvertently created an animal husbandry nightmare where the ambient air of workspaces exceeded 110F. The cause of this was the use of several small air cooled chillers to maintain tank temperatures. I worked with Aqua Logic engineering on a chilled water loop plant that was comprised of about 16 heat exchangers of various sizes. Needless to say the solution was perfect for both the animal collection and the husbandry staff. The chilled water loop required very little maintenance and allowed us the flexibility to have different tanks at different temperatures. The chilled loop was so effective I installed another in 2006, am currently in the process of installing a third and will be installing another as we finally begin the rebuild of our Aquarium post Hurricane Sandy. I’ve worked with the folks at Aqua Logic for over 12 years now and they have always helped me size the right solution for my many needs.