Jeff Gibula, Newport Aquarium

Aqua Logic has been a mainstay for the almost 20 years I have been in the public aquarium industry. Be it large or small sized chillers, inline heaters, controllers or custom fabrication they are the first place I turn to help me find inventive and cost effective ways to meet the needs of our animal collection. Their staff is friendly, caring and attentive. They have an eye for detail and are willing to listen, learn and adapt to the ever changing needs I throw their direction. My recent project was the construction of a mobile cart. This portable tank has travelled hundreds of miles and seen thousands of people. It is scheduled to show at libraries, schools, retirement homes, fairs and many other public venues. Aqua Logic’s attention to detail made it an aesthetic, eye catching magnet but also a highly functional piece of equipment that safely maintains the animals. It was our pleasure working with their team…cannot wait to tackle the next challenge with them.