Steve Porter, Warrenton Highschool

I would like to take this opportunity to express my delight and gratitude for my purchase of a UV water sterilizer from Aqua Logic. I am a high school science teacher that runs a salmon hatchery where kids raise salmon from egg to fry. We pump water from our local river and had problems with bacterial disease. PKD and Cold Water disease were problematic every year. These diseases would routinely lead to 50% mortality rate for our fish. Since our purchase and installation of the UV water sterilizer from Aqua Logic, we have reduced our mortalities by over 90%. We now have very few problems with Disease. We would not run our system without the inclusion of the UV Sterilizer. It is too important for the survivability of our fish to go without. I would like to say Thank you to Aqua Logic for your wonderful product. It has transformed our program into a very successful learning experience for our kids.