UV Sterilizers

The Logical Choice is Clear.

Stronger, More Reliable UV Sterilizers For Life Under the Surface

Don’t be fooled by promises of a pristine tank, clear pond, or perfect water quality when you’re buying an inexpensive imported UV sterilizer from your local garden store or aquarium shop, big box store, or online mega-retailer.

Aqua Logic understands the critical role your UV sterilizer has to play in the overall health and appearance of your water, which is why we consulted with Dr. James R. Bolton of Bolton Photosciences Inc. during the development of our UV sterilizer designs. An ultraviolet pioneer, and one of the most well respected experts in the field, Dr. Bolton is practically the Godfather of UV. It was he that helped make UV sterilization a widely accepted technology in water treatment, and he’s got the papers, books, and patents to prove it. Our design engineer sought out Dr. Bolton’s expertise and used exclusive software and formulas when engineering the designs for all our UV sterilizer models.

Engineered for efficiency, all of Aqua Logic’s UV sterilizers use quartz sleeves for convenient lamp changes and use with any water temperature, require only 22” of clearance for lamp changes thanks to our powerful u‐shaped 95 watt HO low pressure PL lamps, and come with lightweight weatherproof electronic ballasts.

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