Titanium Tube-In-Shell Heat Exchanger

Titanium Tube-In-Shell Heat Exchanger

Aqua Logic Titanium Tube-In-Shell heat exchangers are designed for both refrigerant to water and water to water applications. The internal helical coil is constructed with titanium tubing and enclosed in a Schedule 40 PVC shell. All internal materials are non-corrosive in seawater and will not leach toxic elements into the system water.

Available in sizes from 1/5 hp (1800 btus) thru 5 hp (60,00btu).

Made to order. Not available for sale in online store. Please contact us for assistance with sizing and purchase.

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    • 1/5 Hp to 5 Hp
    • Titanium helical coil
    • Insulated PVC shell
    • Use as Heat Exchanger or Condenser
    • Fresh or Saltwater Use
    • Compact Design
    • Compression Fittings for Titanium to Copper Connectors
    • Compatible with Refrigerant, Water or Glycol
    • One end is flanged for cleaning and coil inspection.
    • Also available with Schedule 80 PVC & Schedule 80 CPVC Shells.

    A number of factors influence the correct size of heat exchanger required for your application. While standard Btu calculations can be applied and our specifications can offer some guidelines, the parameters of your application will be the deciding factor in correct size selection.

    Contact us today for help with sizing the perfect unit for your needs.

    A. BTUH rating is based on use of R-134 refrigerant.
    B. 3/4" &1-1/2" is FPT; 2" is SLIP
    *Water must be pumped through the chiller. Pump is not included.
    C. Length dimensions may vary by a few inches.

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