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Gas Heaters

Gas Heaters


Turn Up The HEAT! Efficient Heaters for Big Jobs

For medium to larger water volume applications where an electric heater may not be efficent, turn to our ALB series of Gas Heaters to do the job. Aqua Logic offers packaged Gas Heaters in both propane and natural gas for indoor and outdoor installations. Our Gas Heater package includes a pre-plumbed Gas Boiler and Aqua Logic Titanium Heat Exchanger mounted together on a 304 stainless steel frame. Just connect the water plumbing from your exhibit or pool to the heat exchanger and a gas feed to the boiler and you are ready to start heating water, faster and more efficiently. With our Titanium Heat Exchanger you can rest assured that with fresh or saltwater, you won’t have to worry about corrosion and toxic materials leaching into your water.

Not sure what you need? Let our team of experts in aquatic temperature control assist you in sizing the correct Gas Heater for your application.

We guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the performance and reliability of our Gas Heaters!

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    Basic features of our standard Gas Heaters include;

    • 84k to 2 million + BTU/hour
    • Titanium Tube Heat Exchanger
    • Indoor and Outdoor Applications
    • 304 stainless steel stand
    • 304 stainless steel hardware
    • Digital LED process water temperature controller
    • Natural Gas or Propane
    • Pre-plumbed and Ready to Install
    • RayPac Commercial Boiler
    • Built in Safety Controls
    • Fresh or Saltwater Use

    Contact Us for assistance with sizing the appropriate ALB Gas Heater Model for your application

    Sizing Table - ALB Gas Heater Models

    NOTE: When ordering add notations to model number as follows:

  • OD = Outdoor Unit
  • ID = Indoor Unit
  • LP = Propane Unit
  • NG = Natural Gas Unit

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    The following options are available for our standard Gas Heater models;

    • Powder coated stand (304 stainless steel standard)
    • 316 stainless steel stand
    • 316 stainless steel hardware

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