Aquatic Research Rack Systems

Aquatic Research Rack Systems

Aqua Logic has decided to discontinue offering Research Rack Systems as of 11/07/2022.

For your Research Rack System needs, please contact Oceans Design at 719-896-4782

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Aqua Logic’s fully customizable tank rack systems are the answer to all your research needs. Your options to tailor the perfect system for your research start with the stainless steel rack, and sizes and configuration of insulated tanks or trays.

From there we will work with you to provide all the equipment, components, and instrumentation to achieve precisely the water quality parameters and conditions you need to achieve your results.

  • Always built to your exact specifications
  • Limitless options, sizes, and configurations
  • Basic or advanced systems available; you tailor to research
  • Perfect for fresh or saltwater
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    • Stainless steel custom rack (powder coating available)
    • Insulated tanks with double-pane “no sweat” acrylic windows
    • All piping, valves, and fittings
    • Closed or open loop system; can connect directly to supply
    • Tanks can be isolated for individual temperature control or other variables
    • Sump with basic filtration
    • Chiller, heat pump, heat exchanger, or in-line heater
    • Internal stand pipes
    • Pump(s)
    • UV sterilizer
    • Basic switches: on/off
    • Leveling feet
    • All systems are built with non-corrosive materials and are plant and animal safe

    Due to the unique nature of every research project, we leave most of the sizing up to you.
    You can provide us with your study parameters and we’ll make sure to provide you with exactly what you need.

    • Instrumentation
    • Controls
    • Lights
    • Protein Skimmers
    • Custom sump with multi-stage filtration
    • Enhanced levels of filtration
    • External stand pipes
    • Monitoring and alarms
    • Tank or tray lids
    • Pipe insulation
    • Removable tank or tray dividers
    • Aeration system
    • Powerhead pumps
    • Co2 injection
    • Casters
    • And more!

    All of our tanks and tank systems come with a warranty, and any Aqua Logic equipment specified into a system will be covered by its own respective warranty. To view our product warranties visit the ‘Resources’ section of our Homepage. Any components of a system that are not manufactured by Aqua Logic will be covered by the original manufacturer warranty where available.

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