Classroom Aquatic System
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Turnkey Classroom Systems

Turnkey Classroom Systems

Education At Their Fingertips!

Aqua Logic's Turnkey Classroom Systems are designed to deliver your lessons through hands on learning.
Whatever your curriculum, we can design a system specific to your goals and take your lessons beyond expectations!

For Inspiration That Doesn't End With The Bell!

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    Work directly with our in house experts to design the system that meets you needs now...and later!

    Each and every system is designed and built with your needs in mind, but also the flexibility to evolve with your curriculum. Give yourself the flexibility to let the environment and your students dictate and the direction of your experiments.

    From single tank exhibits with built in filtration, to multi-tank systems for your experiments, we will provide you with a completely turnkey, plug n' play system for any space or function.

    To get started simply be prepared to provide us with the following information, and we'll get to work on some great ideas!

    • Footprint of available space
    • Maximum height restriction
    • Restricted access (single width door, stairs, etc)
    • Desired water volume
    • Desired number of tanks
    • Indoors or Outdoors

    Interested in this product line? Just fill out the form below and we'll get in touch shortly with answers to your questions and solutions for your problems.