Direct Expansion Heat Exchanger Packs

Direct Expansion Heat Exchanger Packs

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Aqua Logic DX (Direct Expansion) Heat Exchanger Packs offer the ability to build a chiller or heat pump in the field by essentially making your own “split system”. Install the compact DX Heat Exchanger Pack near the plumbing it needs to be connected to, for easy access to the temperature controller and refrigeration components. Each complete DX Heat Exchanger Pack comes neatly mounted on a tidy stainless steel frame and comes pre-plumbed and wired for quick and easy installation.

The chiller condensing unit can be located at a distance, either outside or in an equipment room, and the two components are connected via insulated copper refrigeration lines by an on-site refrigeration contractor.

This flexibility makes this a great option for tight spaces and keeps your LSS or work area free and clear of clunky condensing units and messy refrigeration lines. Purchase a condensing unit from Aqua Logic, or use one that you already have on-site, to quickly and economically build a chiller or heat pump for a broad range of aquatic applications.

Made to order. Not available for sale in online store. Please contact us for assistance with sizing and purchase.

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    • 1/5 Hp (1,800 BTUs) and larger
    • For “Split System” Chiller and Heat Pump applications
    • Complete package; Pre-plumbed and wired for quick, easy installation
    • Compact Design
    • Frame mounted on stainless steel frame
    • Titanium helical coil or tube sheet heat exchanger (size dependent)
    • Insulated PVC chiller barrel
    • Expansion valve
    • Sight glass
    • Digital Temperature Controller
    • Solenoid valve
    • Flow Switch
    • Custom piping
    • Pre-plumbed and wired for installation

    This pre-wired and pre-engineered system make both ordering and assembly simple. All you need is a condensing unit of your choice or one supplied by Aqua Logic.

     System Requirements:

    • Observe min and max flow rates specific to your set temperature
    • An external pump is required to move water through the heat exchanger.
    • Bypass or isolation valves should be installed for servicing heat exchanger while system is running

    A number of factors influence the correct size of heat exchanger required for your application. While standard Btu calculations can be applied, and our specifications can offer some guidelines, the parameters of your application will be the deciding factor in correct size selection.

    Contact us today for help with sizing the perfect unit for your needs.

    For use as a water chiller: ‘HX-DX’ models

    *Minimum flow rate at 65F and above. At 65F and below 120GPM minimum flow rate.
    ** Units 10Hp and larger will have a dual circuit on a manifold if ordering from the specification tables above. For dual circuit and two points of connection order ‘DXD’ models from specification table below.

    For use as a heat pump: ‘HX-DX-HP’ models

    Dual Circuit for use as water chiller: ‘HX-DXD’ models include a dual circuit.
    Optional on units 10 Hp and larger.

    *Minimum flow rate at 65F and above.  At 65F and below 120GPM minimum flow rate.

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