Sump-100 with Matala and Protein Skimmer
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Filtration Sumps

Filtration Sumps

Aqua Logic has decided to discontinue offering Filtration Sumps as of 11/07/2022.

For your Filtration Sump needs, please contact Oceans Design at 719-896-4782

Aqua Logic's insulated Multi-stage Filtration Sumps are a compact, cost effective solution for your filtration needs. With 3 standard models and limitless custom configurations to choose from, these versatile filtration sumps can be your sole filtration or built into a larger life support system.


  • Saltwater Aquariums
  • Freshwater Aquariums
  • Aquaculture/hatcheries
  • Aquaponics
  • Aquatic Research
  • Ponds, garden, and water features
  • Live seafood holding
  • Reptile/amphibian systems



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    Basic features of standard Multi-stage Filtration sumps include;

    • Insulated ABS construction with 1" thick insulation
    • 3 media chambers
    • Acrylic site glass
    • Bulkhead (installed)
    • 14" filter socks, Qty:2 or 3 depending on sump size
    • PVC filter sock holder. Filter socks 'snap' into place for secure hold.
    • Choice of 5, 25, 50, or 100 micron bags
    • Three divided filter chambers
    • Choice of Matala sheet media or bio balls for center chamber
    • Filter cell with dacron wool sleeve and media filled core (length varies with sump size)
    • Choice of bio-media or carbon inside filter cell
    • Probe holder (4 probes)
    • Choice of black or white sump

    Available options for additional cost. Sized to your application where necessary;

    • Protein skimmer
    • Custom lids
    • External or Submersible pump
    • Additional sump colors available
    • Custom sizes and configurations
    • Add platforms, chambers, probe holders, supports, etc.


    In addition to these features all of our sumps come with the following assurances;

    • Everything built in-house at Aqua Logic facility
    • Wet tested
    • Rigorously inspected
    • Dismantled as needed for shipping
    • Carefully packaged and crated at our facility
    • Reassembly and installation instructions provided
    • Technical support provided

    In an effort to save you more valuable time and money our filtration sumps come ready to use with the filter media of your choice (from available options listed here). For custom sizes and configurations we'll work with you to build the perfect sump.

    Standard Sump Sizes



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