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Turnkey Filtration Packages

Turnkey Filtration Packages

Aqua Logic has decided to discontinue offering Turnkey Filtration Packages as of 11/07/2022.
For your Turnkey Filtration Package needs, please contact Oceans Design at 719-896-4782

Aqua Logic’s turnkey filtration packages are without question, a singular solution to almost every filtration need. Designed to suit the specific requirements of each application, we start with what YOU want. We listen to your specifications and design challenges, select the best equipment for your application, and build a skid-mounted package around those carefully selected components.

While some of those ‘other guys’ might just pile some generic equipment on a plastic pallet and call it a custom skid, we start by fabricating the stainless steel frame that will accommodate the right equipment for the job.

We can connect multiple skids in a modular manner, build up in height where necessary to save on footprint, and build irregularly shaped skids to fit any space.

We were one of the first to offer turnkey filtration packages and we’ve earned our place as one of the best. After all, we’ve been doing this ‘skid’ thing for more than 25 years!


  • Aquariums & Zoos
  • Aquaculture/hatcheries
  • Hydroponics/ Grow houses
  • Aquaponics
  • Aquatic Research
  • Ponds, garden, and water features
  • Water reclamation
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Live seafood holding
  • Aquarium hobbyists
  • Pool and Spa
  • Museums and Science centers
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    Basic features of any turnkey filtration package, regardless of size, number of skids, or complexity, are as follows:

    • Stainless steel skid stand; size always customized for footprint and equipment
    • Powder coating available for saltwater or corrosive applications
    • PVC base; thickness dependent on weight of specified equipment
    • Leveling feet
    • Casters available
    • 1 or more skids; joined to form larger system
    • Piping to all points of connection
    • Flanges and valves as specified
    • Everything built in-house at Aqua Logic facility
    • Wet tested
    • Rigorously inspected
    • Dismantled as needed for shipping
    • Carefully packaged and crated at our facility
    • Reassembly and installation instructions provided
    • Technical support provided

    In an effort to save you more valuable time and money our systems are virtually plug n’ play. For those slightly more challenging set ups, our technicians are always available by phone to provide support and walk our customers through the installation and start up process.

    We’ll work with you to determine the overall size of your filtration package and of every component included therein.

    You can assist us in this process by providing engineered plans and specifications where possible, or simply giving us details for as many of your system requirements and water quality parameters as you have. Our team of experts will work through the process from start to finish, sparing no detail and provide you with all of your options along the way.

    Aqua Logic’s turnkey filtration packages range in size and complexity from very basic to advanced. Whichever the case, all of our skids can be interconnected or increased in size to accommodate everything you need.

    A typical Turnkey Filtration Package includes many of the following features and components:

    • 1 or more skids; to be joined to form system
    • Choice of pump(s)
    • Choice of filter(s)
    • Insulated ABS or PVC sumps available
    • Multi-stage filtration sumps with dividers
    • Choice of filtration media
    • Titanium water chillers
    • Titanium heat exchanger
    • Stainless steel and titanium in-line heaters
    • Large spilt unit chillers
    • Gas boilers available
    • Water to water chilling and heating options
    • Bio-tower/trickle filter
    • Choice of UV sterilizer
    • Ozone system available
    • Valves of choice
    • Choice of unions or flanges

    Advanced options:

    • Controls
    • Automation
    • Monitoring & alarms
    • Instrumentation
    • Specialty housings

    Aqua Logic Turnkey Filtration Packages can not be warrantied as a whole due to the number of components and manufacturers that make up the package. However, all original manufacturer warranties for individual components will apply, including Aqua Logic warranties where applicable.

    All relevant warranties will be included with package.

    Aqua Logic warranties for any of products that may be specified into your Turnkey Filtration Package are also available here in the ‘Resources’ section located at the top of our homepage.

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