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Insulated Plastic Tanks

Insulated Plastic Tanks

Aqua Logic has decided to discontinue offering ABS Insulated Tank as of 11/07/2022.

For your ABS Insulated Tank needs, please contact Oceans Design at 719-896-4782

Aqua Logic’s insulated tanks are built to order with two layers of ABS plastic and 1” or 2" of insulation. Ideally suited for research, seafood holding, bait tanks, touch tanks, and display tanks. Double-pane acrylic windows (optional) will not "sweat" with cold water to provide uncompromised viewing.

  • Countless sizes and configurations available
  • 3 color choices; blue, black, or white
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Reduces energy costs associated with heating and cooling
  • Constructed of non-toxic materials
  • Fish and invertebrate safe
  • Freshwater or Saltwater
  • Additional options meet any need; custom sizes, windows, lids, dividers, bulkheads, stands, etc.
  • Allow 1-3 weeks for production depending on size and chosen options
  • Ship via freight, FOB from Aqua Logic facility
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    All standard sizes include the following features:

    • Constructed from durable, lightweight ABS plastic
    • Foam insulated – Choice of 1” or 2” insulation
    • Specified sizes from 23 gallons – 280 gallons, additional sizes available.
    • Specified dimensions from 12” to 96”
    • Includes option of White or Black ABS

    The following options are also available for an additional cost:

    • Additional sizes available
    • Blue ABS available for surcharge
    • Insulated dual pane acrylic windows, on one or more sides
    • Insulated ABS or acrylic Lids
    • Bulkhead fittings installed in walls or bottom
    • Stands available in aluminum, steel, stainless steel. Powder coating also available.
    • Dividers, solid or perforated
    • Under gravel filter installed with customizable layers
    • Weirs, baffles, and filter bag holders
    • Corner overflow
    • White, black or blue ABS

    The following table displays the range of standard sizes available in our plastic ABS tanks. Custom sizes and additional options are available.

    *All dimensions shown may vary by up to ¼” due to inconsistencies in the foam insulation.
    ** Black or white tanks with dimensions of 96” and/or 48” are actually 95.5” and 47.5”.

    Insulation key:
    1 = Insulated with 1 inch foam
    2 = Insulated with 2 inch foam.
    2R1 = Insulated with 2 inch foam and supported with a single reinforcement bar.
    2R2 = Insulated with 2 inch foam and supported with two reinforcement bars.

    Have one of our tanks and looking for accessories? The following accessories can be provided after initial purchase of an insulated ABS tank. Please contact us to order.

    • ABS tank lids
    • Insulated ABS tank lids
    • Acrylic tank lids
    • Stainless steel stand or rack (powder coating available)
    • Hang on tank dividers
    • Hang on breeder/quarantine box

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